Looking for information about higher dosages?

Higher dosages are available! But there are a few things we would like you to consider. We have included this information lower on this page.

To increase your dose now, click the button below to access this add-on package. This only increases the quantity of medicine to someone already on our Pay-As-You-Go (Tirzepatide) subscription.

What Should I Know Before Increasing My Dosage?

Don't forget the goal - a daily caloric deficit

Your goal should be a daily caloric deficit of 500-1000 calories. However many calories you would normally burn through your regular activity, if you consistently consume 500-1000 less than that number, you will absolutely lose 1-2 pounds per week. The medicine helps you do this.

Are you getting appetite suppression from the current dose?

The primary function of Tirzepatide is to help you feel full sooner and for longer than normal. If you are feeling enough appetite suppression to achieve a daily caloric deficit, your current dose is probably enough.

If you find yourself still feeling normal hunger and don't feel the medication working (or any side effects), you may need a higher dose.

You are trying to find the right quantity of medicine to feel the effects so that not eating is easy, but not so much medicine that you feel sick to your stomach.

What about will-power?

First, it is possible to eat through this medicine, even when not feeling hunger. It may require some level of discipline and will-power to resist the urge to eat. But the medicine is supposed to make this easier.

Second, it's ok for this to not be easy. For some people they still have to exercise and resist the urge to eat. But again, the medicine is supposed to aid you in this so it's not all will-power, like a traditional diet.

If achieving a caloric deficit is requiring sheer will-power, you probably need more medicine.

How much more do I need?

The standard answer is to increase the weekly dose by 25 units (or 2.5mg of medicine). While this can be the right amount for some people, we would encourage you to consider a half-step. We have seen countless patients find a dose that works for them that may be 5, or 8, or 10 units more than their previous dose.

Once you've been on the medicine for a few months, you begin to realize that this isn't rocket science and that nobody knows how your body is responding to the medication better than you. If you can get the desired result (adequate appetite suppression) from a lesser dose, do that. For example, if you're at 50 units (5mg) per week and feel you need more, perhaps try 60 units (6mg).

As a side benefit, the quantity of medication you've purchased will last longer!

Why does it cost more?

The medicine itself has a cost to manufacture. It costs us more and therefore you more.

However we want you to be successful so we don't charge nearly the amount that we do for the base membership. We make the base membership as inexpensive as possible since the majority of patients won't exceed 50 units per week.

For those that need more, this package is available at a fraction of the cost.

How does the add-on package work?

This package is only intended to be purchased by people with an active PAY-AS-YOU-GO (TIRZEPATIDE) subscription.

Click the button below to purchase this add on.

You will receive double the medication. Every 4 weeks you will receive 2 vials (400 total units or 40mg of medicine).

Please communicate with us through the Healthie chat to discuss your dose. Don't double your dose! We will try to find the right balance for your situation.

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